Wednesday, March 16, 2011

✖ memories ✖

◕‿◕  ♥ pass year ji mui ♥ ◕‿◕

➀ lynn
 ➁ annie
 ➂ karen
    ➍ rebecca
 ► not available frm└ 10mac2011 ┛◄

i always very admire that the & 7 bean can stick 2gether so gud but we cant..

now,this 4 ji mui bcum n0t very g0od  jor~

im so sad about it

i don't know why we will become like this after we move to not same school..


hope this 4 ji mui can stick together again in future jz like & 7 bean..

if can,that really good

☜♥|these are some of the things i wan to tell you all |♥☞

♡ im sorry if i have done anything wrong those day
♡ i really hope all of us can stick together like last time
♡ hope to see you all when my this year birthday celebration 26 of april


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