Friday, April 15, 2011

the problem is owax in my mind~

stay or leave?

today all the way back from school till home~while i was walking back,im thinking should i leave sitiawan?
at sitiawan like nothing only..
almost all friend treat me like invisible~
im reali sad staying at sitiawan..
i know myself is not from a rich family,but can't them don't look down on me?
my mum is a disabled people,she stll need to work just because of my father not at this home anymore..
im not same with you all !
totally not same !
you all got father , got mother , rich ,intelligent but im not !
don't take me and compare with you all can't?
i need to work + study..i have no time to go for tuition ~ you all know how to do those exercise,i ask for your help can't you just help me?why need ignore me?
don't so guo fen !
 i will become more good , more rich , more beautiful than you all !pls don't look down at me !
i really don't like this feeling~

still got 1 secret i don't dare to say..
but im scare that it will happen 1 day~

sitiawan ?

im still thinking want stay or leave..

if GOD wants me to leave here,i will leave~

sorry guys,
i dono i still can live how long, if anything happen to me one day..please don't be sad..

i hope to see you guys smile 

Goodbye guys


  1. i never did look down at you! dont worry! if God wills it, you will go out to study! :D

  2. Cheer upp :) People can look down at you but your life is in your hands. Not theirs :)