Sunday, April 17, 2011

william;s birthday 16.04.2011

yesterday is william's birthday~
many people are invited to his birthday party at his house..the party started at 8pm..
my gor [dennis]went billion to fetch me go his party by motor~
we do talok things at the traffic light on the way go William’s house~xD
yerrrr.he ride motor so fast man….dangerous lo~
DENNIS CHEONG ! don’t ride motor so fast la~walohai
Reach there,the first thing I do I searching for someone xP
I saw him !!! ERIC CHEW !
But I didn”t talk to him because of somethings happen last time~
After that there all go BBQ lo~I alone sat at the living room there watching tv news [Lonely..i am so lonely.. bla bla bla]  
De yang they all play “21 dot” so funny when they play..haha
I laugh till stomach also pain..=]
Then we go upstairs sing k !

ah bao

alan chew

sing till so high

that's him !

alex ting 【10years friend】

alan fa dai-ing

alex lor`

he sing :)

syok sendiri


I just realised that man li’s voice is so nice !i love his voice man ~
Duet with him is so fun xD
Time pass very fast~8pm..9p..10.45pm..11.30pm…………all those didn’t stay at william’s house de all go back jor~
Left few people at there~we sing k till fun

Tired !!!

alex ting~taken by eric chew

Sleep lurr~ all sleep tired sing k..
Nice night 

me n him~1st photo :)

Once again,
Happy birthday William !!


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